Checklists for planning and travelling

This page contains a range of checklists to assist you in your journey while travelling with your baby or young children.  You will discover helpful tools for preparation as well as for assisting during your travel.

Most checklists will come in two versions – download a pdf file or excel version that can easily be updated for your particular requirements.


Checklist for what to pack when traveling with a baby

Packing for babies checklist pdf

Packing for babies checklist excel


Checklist for what to pack when traveling with a toddler

Packing for toddlers checklist pdf

Packing for toddlers checklist excel


TIP Sheet For On The Plane

The downloadable sheet is a simple checklist you can take with you on the plane to assist you in being one-step-ahead.  It can just assist in avoiding a crisis!

On the plane checklist pdf

On the plane checklist excel