Domestic Travel Tips

Much of what is discussed in this website is relevant to both International and Domestic travel.  However, there are a few aspects to point out about Domestic Airports that may be helpful for you to factor in:

  • Generally the services on offer at a domestic airport are significantly less – fewer shops, cafe’s, entertainment etc.
  • No immigration and customs makes the airport process quicker.  You will still pass through security.

Domestic travel has its unique set of challenges for the following reasons

  • Planes are often smaller and so there is less room for sitting, bags and activities.
  • The time taken from opening of Gates to boarding to take-off can be quite quick, adding stress when you have a lot of children and carry-on gear
  • Sometimes you have unallocated seats and you have to struggle to get seats together, especially as you can not move fast with a few young ones
  • Your luggage allowance can be smaller – be aware of this if connecting from / to international flights.  Ensure you are aware of their stroller, car seat, carry-cot policies.
  • There can be a lack of service – entertainment, food and drink.  Ensure you are fore-warned and prepared.
  • Sometimes the staff are not as helpful as on larger planes that are doing longer journey’s.
  • The assent and decent can be steeper on shorter routes, leading to more ear issues with the children – but for a shorter time.