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About ‘Flying With Kidz.com’


Many parents have a fear about traveling by AIR with young children and avoid it at all costs.  If this is you, we understand how you feel. We have had our share of challenges, crisis and exhausting travel.  However, we hope that the information on this site will enable you to not only endure the travel but actually  enjoy the experience.


As a family, we have flown more than 150,000 miles and in excess of 130 flights – with children aged between 0 – 7 years old.  Our oldest child experienced a flight from New Zealand to Australia at just 3 weeks old and we regularly made journeys of 4-5 days between New Zealand and East Africa over a 6 years period while working in Tanzania.  We have also travelled considerable distances with our children as one parent with 2, 3 or 4 children – understanding just how tough this can be.


This Guide is designed to make your job a little easier and hopefully to get to other end with at least some smile!  Have a good look around the site and pick up the ideas that you feel will work for you.  Most information is applicable to both International Travel and Domestic flying, although some aspects such as Customs and Immigration are specific to international travel.  Print out some helpful check-lists and of course interact with us through this website.  We will develop a Blog and Facebook Page soon.


Our travel with our children has taken us through Australasia, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. We trust our insights into traveling with children in both the developed world and developing world can provide you with ideas, courage and confidence.  Enjoy!


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