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Well – this site has just been shifted to a new server and new WordPress platform.  My previous technology did not provide the flexibility needed to deliver what he customers wanted.  The site currently has not been formatted – just full of a lot of raw information.

I will be updating and re-formatting this site over the next month.  The finished product should be the most comprehensive resource on the web for people traveling with children.  Please forgive the lack of graphics and formats in the short-term.

The site will also have a range of travel products introduced over the coming weeks, the idea being that you can purchase highly recommended items for traveling with children and then simply have them delivered to your door.

Enjoy browsing the site and picking up what you can.  Also, feel free to leave a message and we’ll get back to you.


owner and creator of the website


  1. Looking forward to watching your site as you add to it. It sounds very much like something a lot of people need. Traveling with children can be very difficult. It is always good to have tips to make it easier on them and you, too.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes, we have watched many families struggle with the experience. Our kids have flown so many miles – NZ to Tanzania used to take us up to 5 days of flights, hotels, taxi’s, buses etc – and we generally made it with enjoyment but being tired lol. The trick is all in the preparation and many just are ill prepared, making their journey an ordeal!

      I will be developing the site over the coming month. I have plenty of content from before I transferred it to WA hosting and WordPress but need to reformat and re-organise it.

      Thanks again.


    • Thanks for that. I will get it set up better again. There is already so much there but to find it impossible as it is. I need to sort through what to use in the main pages and then what to use in posts. I also need to arrive at the theme I want as I just selected this quickly to get things underway.

      Keep and eye on the site and I’ll update you with progress also.



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