Major breakthrough for getting your child sleeping on the plane

I had a comment on one of our posts from a person from a company in Australia that has invented a flying hammock for kids. This is an ingenious help for getting your child sleeping on the plane. It effectively turns the seat into a much larger space and enables the child to curl up and sleep soundly!

You can watch a brief video of the Flylegsup 4 Kids:


The Flylegsup hammock is extremely lightweight at 460g, approved by CAA and easy to assemble.  It can be used as a foot rest or as a bed, so versatile.

The new way to getting your child to sleep on the plane

The new way to get your kid asleep in the plane!

Check out more on this new innovative product at their website.

If you have used the Flylegsup product, please leave a comment below so our readers can learn about this new product.





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